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Improving your home’s kerb appeal

Thursday, 27th May 2021

The pandemic has not only seen a spike in home improvements, but also in people looking to buy new properties, which is inevitable as the time spent at home has significantly increased. This combined with the Stamp Duty holiday being extended until the end of June, has resulted in many looking to increase the value of their home with the intention of selling.

For this very reason, we commissioned some research to shine a light on the improvements homeowners are looking to make, along with the key factors influencing consumers when it comes to considering buying or even viewing a prospective new home.

Our survey of 1,000 UK consumers revealed the vast majority of homeowners and renters admit a property’s kerb appeal is an essential buying factor, with 65% confirming an attractive exterior is important when considering to view/buy a house.

Chipped paint, single-glazed windows or damaged windows/doors are also off-putting to buyers with 44% saying an unattractive exterior would still put them off, even if the interior was appealing.

The research also uncovered 63% are deterred by damaged exterior windowsills or frames, 72% would avoid booking a viewing for a house on a busy road, and more than one-third admit liking the colour and style of the front door is essential when buying or viewing.

Wellbeing was another key factor with over three-quarters (79%) of residents admitting that natural light is important when looking for a new home as it helps with their overall happiness. While eco-friendly features are also priority, with 40% saying they wouldn’t view or buy a house that didn’t have double or triple glazing, energy-efficient doors, insulation or low carbon heat.

While it’s reassuring to see the home improvement sector and property market surge, it’s crucial to still follow the appropriate health and safety practices. To help, we have created a safe guide for homeowners to ensure those looking to buy and upgrade or simply renovate their existing home stay safe during the entire process.

On other influential factors when booking a viewing/buying a new home, the survey found that:

  • Three-quarters said that outdoor space was imperative for booking a viewing/buying
  • Having the ability to maximise the use of space and the opportunity to create a multi-functional space is a key factor for 61% of those surveyed
  • More than half of people surveyed said that single-glazed windows would put them off from viewing/buying a home

On general consumer thoughts on home improvements, the research revealed:

  • With many spending more time at home due to lockdown, two-in-three people surveyed said having a comfortable home space is more important now than it was before the pandemic
  • 63% are making a conscious effort to make their home energy efficient when renovating
  • Having better ventilation in the home is imperative for 45%

On renovations in the current climate, the research uncovered:

  • 71% confirmed it’s important they like and enjoy all of their home’s features now they’re spending more time at home
  • 61% agreed that they would rather use a local builder recommended by a friend or neighbour
  • 31% admit they are investing in their home this year, rather than going on holiday

We have lots of top tips and creative ideas for those looking to upgrade or extend their home. Whether it’s for personal comfort and wellbeing, to make an essential work space or to make the property more appealing to potential buyers, we have a wealth of expert advice.