Resolving A Dispute


Though it is not a common occurrence, the GGF is all too aware that disputes can arise between customers and companies. That’s why we set up our free Conciliation Scheme – to help homeowners like you resolve issues with GGF Members.

The GGF Conciliation Scheme

Our Conciliation Scheme offers many advantages:

  • It’s completely FREE if you are using a GGF Member company
  • It’s confidential
  • It’s independent and impartial
  • It ensures GGF Member companies meet their contractual responsibilities
  • It removes the time, work and sometimes frustration you may have when dealing with a company or individual
  • It aims to keep you informed at every stage of your complaint until it is resolved
  • In the rare event that it is not resolved, the GGF will advise on the next stage – The Glazing Arbitration Scheme (TGAS). This is an independent ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Scheme operated by a Trading Standards Certified ADR body, the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR). Please see for further details. This is a low-cost arbitration scheme where the consumer pays just £100 + VAT to take their complaint to TGAS.
  • Our scheme is a proven success with only two complaints in the last 10 years actually going to arbitration

Download the free booklet

Learn more by downloading our informative GGF Conciliation Scheme booklet.